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Booking for Admission is open for Medical Universities in Philippines, the Asian Gateway of USA and Canada. We have the best package for MBBS in Philippines starting from just 1,76,000 Peso (Rs 2,43,000/- approx, 1 Peso = Rs 1.38 as on 12.07.2014) per year.

Students whose passports and other documents are ready will get the Conditional Offer Letter (COL) from the University immediately and those who do not have can book their seat.

Our Philippines Admission Office is located in Manila City, Philippines through which every year more than 200 students get admission to different Universities in Philippines. We have our own representative in Philippines, who can look after the students throughout the year, if required.

Students taking admission through us will enjoy the lowest fee in any Medical College or University in our list.

Most important part in taking admission through us is that...
Our students will get free and compulsory Class room coaching for USMLE and MCI Screening Test in Philippines in the final year. 

You apply through us and we will assist you in getting confirmed visa, cheapest air tickets and most important fact that our students will enjoy the facilty of our own office in Manila to look after each and every requirements of the students throughout their course.

We will also arrange separate apartments with Indian food for the students who wish to enjoy the facilities of Home away Home with fixed yearly cost. Separate accommodation for girls.

Medical Education in Philippines

Philippines  Universities  are  the  world's  most affordable & cost effective, according  to  a  recently published   global   comparative  study on affordability  and   accessibility  in  higher education. Philippines have one of the best medical education systems in Asia. It is one of the best places for students to study completely in English at affordable prices with high quality education & world class technologies.

The education system of Philippines is just so fantastic that Philippines sends thousands of doctors and engineers to work in USA, UK, Middle East etc along with other professionals. Philippines follow the American system of education. The medical course in Philippines is called the MD program [Doctor of medicine]. This is similar to that of USA, Russia, Ukraine and rest of Europe. The MD program is equivalent to MBBS of UK, India, Pakistan and other Commonwealth countries.

Studying medicine in Philippines is one of the fantastic opportunities available for students. Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world. This gives an opportunity for students to study various programs in Philippines. Philippines follow the American system of education and hence students can also get credit transfer options to study medicine in USA, or to study medicine in Caribbean regions too.

Hundreds of International students are now studying at Philippines because of its enormous opportunities & possibility of doing Internship in USA, Singapore, Norway and other countries

Why study Medicine in Philippines?

·Philippines is the world’s 3rd Largest English speaking nation, The Philippines provides huge knowledge resources, up-to-date instruction and a multicultural learning atmosphere with its 94% literacy rate. Philippines is home to a number of ISO certified universities & 280+ higher educational institutions identified as Centers of Excellence & Centers of Development.

The student wont have to waste time in learning any tough foreign language, which they have to do in China, Russia and Ukraine.

·Universities are recognized by MCI, BMDC,  MMC, NMC, PMDC and other medical councils.

·Advance American Education System

·Universities of Philippines offer world’s class medical education at affordable fees with best facilities & infrastructure. Fees are not only low, it can be paid in 2 instalments in a single year.

·Medical education of Philippines is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), IMED, MCI.

·Medical & Nursing education geared towards Employment in USA/ UK and easy to pass USMLE [Medical], CGFNS, NCLEX (Nursing).

·Assessments at Philippines’s Universities are rigorous so it becomes easy to pass local licensing exams like USLME, PLAB- UK, AMC-Australia, Screening test- India, PMDC- Pakistan etc. and other board exams

·American Style PBL Curriculum so Eligible to sit for USMLE.

·The education system is just so fantastic that Philippines send hundreds of doctors to work in USA, UK and Middle East etc. every year

·Philippines is our friendly Asian country only, so traveling is easy and cheap & Indian Foods are also available in all Philippines’s Medical Universities mess.

·Safe & Secure living Atmosphere. General Filipinos are total friendly in nature plus no communication gap with them, since most of them know English very well.

Admission Process in Philippines for Medication Education

We at Omkar Medicom make medical admission process very simple with our expert & recognized services. Just call us @ +919874882465 to discuss about Admission process and we’ll help you for your dream medical career.
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