MBBS in Bangladesh .. Advantages comparing with China or Russia?

. Study pattern in Bangladesh is similar to Indian Medical Colleges.
. Low fees MBBS in Bangladesh.
. No Language problem
. Pronunciation of teachers in Bangladesh are similar as Indians.
. Same weather as in India
. Same disease pattern as in India
. Same food preparation as in India
. Stipend during Internship as in India.
. Special facility for Muslim students, as halal food and mosque available everywhere.
. Separate hostel for boys and girls ( not in China or Russia )
. Few only Girl's  college also available.
. Low travelling cost from India. Train and Bus service available from Kolkata to Dhaka.

Main Disadvantages in Bangladesh compared to China or Russia:

. Hostel conditions are not improved. Hostels in China or Russia are far better than Bangladesh.
. Living standard not so improved like China or Russia.
. 1st year's expenses in Bangladesh is very high, almost 60% of the total package.
. Very few holidays.

Medical Study in Bangladesh similar to Medical Study in India with respect to Same Books Followed by students & Professors in Bangladesh, Same Syllabus like MBBS in India, Same Study Pattern, Duration of Study, Similar Medicine, Similar Diseases, Same Examination Pattern, Similar study plan.

Culture in Bangladesh same as India, Food habits also same, Language spoken in Bangladesh English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic. same as India, Numbers of  Tamil, Oriya, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi speaking Students can be found in Dhaka, Rangpur, Comilla or Khulna Colleges.

Passing rate of MCI Screening test is one of the highest.

All Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are approved by MCI Act 1956 (Except USTC Medical College )

Bangladesh is Dry Country - Alcohol or any Drug consumption is illegal

Now the apparent advantages, those we see, in Inter SAARC students exchange programs :-

1. Language:  The medium of Instruction - English is easy to understand for its South Asian dialect in compare to the Chinese-English or Russian-English. In general, Chinese or Russian people do not understand nor do they speak English, a major barrier of communication with the Indian students.

2. Food: Taste and preparation of food are also similar in this South Asian region than how they cook in China / Russia. We visited China and Russia Medical Colleges several times and found that the local Chinese and Russian foods not similar to our tastes.
PS. The Chinese restaurants those we see in South Asia have cooking style and tastes far remote than what authentic Chinese food tastes in China.

3. MCI Passing rate: Since the study pattern, syllabus, books are absolutely similar as in India, its quite obvious that MCI passing rate from Indian students from Bangladesh is far more higher than the Indian students studying and passing from China and Russia.

5. Airfare: Kolkata to Dhaka - only Rs 4500 one side (AC Bus available, only Rs 1500 one side, 9 hrs journey )
                   Kolkata to most of the colleges in China - Rs 16,000/- one side
                   Delhi to Moscow in Russia - Rs 14,000/- one side

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